Sugarcane Management System

" The sugar industry is highly regulated and added to it are many uncertainties like rainfall, change in government policies "

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The sugar industry is highly regulated and added to it are many uncertainties like rainfall, change in government policies, import/export regulations, changes in global demand and others. Therefore, managing the sugar production process poses a great challenge. However, if the efficiency can be improved and the sugar plant is managed well for forward integration, the benefits are huge.

We believe a strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with integrated cane management system will efficiently address the complex requirements in the sugar production process.

A Sophisticated ERP solution improves visibility, increases higher efficiency within operations.

Store Inventory

This module has three sub-modules, Stores, Purchase and Store costing. The store module manages store material: receipts, issues material loans, stock bin-cards, material location, min-max levels, reorder level, stock adjustment, moving non-moving analysis, A,B,C analysis etc. The purchase module handles material procurement activities; Enquires, quotation analysis comparative statement, purchase order, local purchase, purchase register, supplier information etc. The costing module covers allocation, stock valuation, material consumption analysis, bill provision store hypothecation, detail of sales tax forms, VAT etc with subsidiary ledger etc.

Cane Billing

This module has two sub modules viz : Sugarcane farmer billing and Harvester Transporter billing. It processes data on cane procurement, which come from Weigh Bridge, deductions from cane payment with respect to primary agricultural society dues, advances and other deductions of cane payment. It prepares fortnightly and periodical bills concerning of cane supplies, sugarcane transporters and harvesters. It provides facility of varying rates for gate cane suppliers, takes care of statutory deductions with scheduled priority. It facilitates the installment and deductions, fixed or proportionate to the bill the amount or sugarcane tonnage. It prepares cane ledgers with required details on tonnage, payments, pre-decided deductions, actual deductions, balance of deductions etc. It also carry forwards recoveries of various deductions to next season. It maintains detailed record of cane supply from cane growers.

Weigh Bridge

This module records cane weighment without intervention and does requisite calculation, displays, prints the cane weighment slip and maintains data related to the procured cane. It permits editing to the authorized person whenever necessary. It also generates daily cane crushing and other necessary reports.


This is a resource base module. Facilities and reports of this module are as under: — Allotment, transfer and cancellation of share. — Classification of shares on member type basis. — Share holding pattern-wise voters lists. — Members sugar sale Management. —Sugar Factories Control Act, 1950.

Sugar Sale and Godown Management

This module handles activities of sugar sale business and godown management. This includes invoices, receipts, sugar tenders, daily reports, frequently required reports, and periodic reports, sugar production and sugar stock, reprocessing sugar account, various summary report, statutory report etc.

Financial Accounting

This module include daily, periodical and year ending financial activities of finance section, different vouchers, daybook, cashbook, general book, various registers etc. The frequently used periodic activities include the main ledgers; sub ledger, receipt, payment, bank reconciliation, trial balance, other final account etc. The schedules profit and loss account, balance sheet etc. and other facilities required for sugar factory are incorporated in the module.

Time and Labor Office

This Module includes all detail of Human Resource Development, including staff position, their record, statutory and non-statutory details of salary and wages, PF along with daily attendance, leave record etc.


This module includes activities of molasses procurement, storage, production and sale and raw material management. The distillery management involves molasses supplier billing, supplier orders, receipt and issue, transport billing, supplier and transporter ledger, alcohol billing and excise duty related matters


This module has two sub-modules viz.: sugarcane deposit and fixed deposit. Sugarcane deposit includes all details of deposits collected through sugarcane suppliers and payment thereof. Fixed deposit handles different schemes of deposit, on-line interest payment, auto renewal of deposit etc.