Maintenance Operating System

" Efficient end to end maintenance solution that deliver at the highest level of precision and reliability "

Inteinno MOS

MOS(Maintenance Operating System) is a maintenance software system designed to keep track of preventive and repair maintenance on any type of company equipment or asset. MOS keep track of an unlimited number of objects which can be organized into a user-friendly category structure so you can easily access your equipment.

Supply Chain Management

Requisition form
Purchase Order
Material Receipts
Invoice Vendor
Material Management
Supplier Management
Contractors / Sub-Contractors
Task Management

Project Management

Project Planning
Communication & Collaboration
Resource Allocation
Scheduling & Time Management

Inventory Management

Warehouse & Locator
Product & Price List
Material Transaction
Inventory Management
Storage Detail

HCM (Human Capital Management)

Employee Profile
Leave Management
Biomatric Attendance Management


Chart of Accounts
General Ledger
Acc Payable / Acc Receivable
Trial Balance
Income Statment
Balance Sheet

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Sales and Marketing
Sales Order
Sales and Invoice
Sales Management
Invoice Inquiry


Transactional Reporting
MIS Reporting
Drill Down Reporting


Live Update on Graphs
Sub Graphs
Generate Report through Graphs
Notification Alert & Detail

Maintenance Operating System(MOS) can track equipment maintenance, facility maintenance and grounds maintenance as well as many other types. Due to its flexibility, it is adaptable to any asset that would require preventive maintenance (PM). MOS keeps track of your preventive maintenance services for each object and informs you when maintenance is due automatically based on the maintenance service definitions you provide.

" Notification of maintenance due is a completely automated process which uses color coded indicators on the main screen. Objects that are due for service are shaded a red color and objects which are soon due for service are shaded a yellow color. You can instantly see what objects require attention.

With each maintenance entry that is saved, a preventive and repair maintenance history is automatically generated detailing all of the maintenance performed on the object and costs. The maintenance history is used to generate detailed cost analysis reports and can be used to monitor trends in neglect, abuse, or simply aging equipment."

MOS can be integrated with our complete ERP system which include Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Warehouse Management additional features includes a QR coding, RFID, Dashboard Management and a report customization utility which allows you to modify any of the reports we provide with the software. MOS is a feature-rich software package that is extremely flexible, easy to use, and affordable.