Fleet Management System

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Inteinno FMS

Take a control of your fleet and lower your costs.

IFMS has the experience to deliver the right fleet tracking solutions to meet your unique business requirements. We provide complete solutions that track vehicles in real time, automate data collection tasks and provide useful business intelligence data that is meaningful to improve the productivity and optimization of your business operation that will result in decreased maintenance costs and increased profitability for your organization.


  • Fleet Asset Management:

  • Organize your fleet assets & track all of the data that you need to effectively manage your fleet. Track an unlimited number of assets ranging from cars, trucks & trailers to heavy construction equipment machinery, tool & more.

  • Fleet Maintenance:

  • Define any number of preventive maintenance tasks to be tracked by date, mileage, Kilometers, or hours. Automated maintenance due notification are provided on dashboard or within comprehensive reports. IFMS helps you minimize costly breakdowns and repairs by keeping your vehicles and equipment well maintained. Maintenance is done on time-Every time.

  • Repair Maintenance:

  • Keep on top of unexpected repair that occur by logging and tracking repair requests from start to finish. Monitoring the frequency of repair can also help you to decide whether to keep or retire a fleet asset. Proper consistent preventive fleet maintenance helps you extend the useful life of your vehicles and other equipment. This also maximizes resale value.

  • History Recording:

  • Tacking history is one of the most vital tasks when managing a fleet. Good records can be used to analyze costs, and monitor trends in wear, neglect and abuse of your equipment. And historical information can be the determining factor when you decide to keep or retire a vehicle or piece of equipment.

  • Fuel Management Module:

  • Fuel management encompasses accurately collecting data on how a fleet uses fuel and the using this information to better to control consumption, reduce cost and eliminate theft and waste. It record average mileage of the individual fleet and forecast is fuel consumption for plan trips.

  • IFMS Dashboard:

  • Understanding your company’s operating position will never be an issue again. IFMS Dashboard simple layout, user tools, and variety of reporting options will provide instant visibility of key performance indicators and operational expectations, allowing management and executives to make real-time, pro-active decisions. User can access numerous pre-defined dashboard portals, which are collections od report viewable on a single screen, with summary results that can be drilled into.