Freight Forwarder Management

" Simple work flows combine with science helps companies to operate seamlessly, automatically and intelligently. "

Inteinno FFM

The INTEINNO Sales Module for freight forwarders is developed keeping in mind the concept of control your entity and successes in business.

The sales management module for freight forwarders specifically design to solve sales management issues in freight forwarding industry. This software has standard architecture that not only gives sales department its standard structure but also enhances the company’s overall revenues.

Product Features

  • Centralization of sales data.
  • Rate update mechanism (Haulage + Freight).
  • User based roles for every sales person.
  • Sales activity Tracking + Maintenance of history.
  • Sales stage monitoring.
  • Categorization sales into.


  • Customizable.
  • Integratable.
  • Secure.
  • Web based.
  • Backup Support.

Help Make New Clients

Price/Rates keep changing almost every day. Price update module will help to minimize the time to quote the rate to client. Thus engaging him before other freight forwarder approach him. Immediate response can give you and edge over other competitors thus efficiency and good rate will win you his favorable attitude towards you. Efficiency is appreciated by everyone.

Control Of Data

All the related data used by you is maintained safely. Since roles are allotted and confined to individual workers therefore no other worker can look into other person data unless he is specifically allowed.

Save Time

It saves time by sorting out issues amongst sales persons with respect to: creating leads and Making new clients. Dealing with existing clients with better understanding of responsibilities.

Increase Revenue

It will Help you to focus on those potential customers where it matters the most and thus you will have more customers more business and hence more revenue.

Divide the Sales Information

The basic purpose is to protect against the misuse of sale’s info by the sale’s person.