Electorate Management System

Inteinno EMS

An ERP (Software) specific for Political Parties to manage constituents, Supporters, Volunteers, Workers, Members, Voters and Constituencies. It empowers your party workers and build a strong network between party and constituents. It is a showcase for your targets and achievements in different constituencies from district level down to UC’s all information integrated in a centralized manner. It also helps political parties to manage regional websites under one roof. This system will help you to analysis and predict things before it happens that means right information at a right time.

Features Of CRM For Political Organization

  • Constituent Management
  • Membership Management
  • Program Management like Rallies, Protests, door to door campaign
  • Volunteer, Supporters Management
  • Fundraising management to receive donations
  • Voter List Management and Constituency Management
  • Comprehensive Website with party branding and provision to Post content in the regional (English, Urdu, Sindhi, Saraiki, Pushto, Balochi) languages.
  • Election Campaign Management and Communication Management
  • Integrated Social Media.

Run and Organized Campaign

You can use this data and run email and SMS campaign using the data it has provision to fetch reports of different segments of voter data for volunteers/ staff for the use of door-to-door campaigns, and other election related activities.

Benefits To The Party

The main concerns which political organizations have is the inability to target its constituents, members, volunteers with instruction or messages and other communications directly and instantly from the party top command. Most of the data is scattered and it is managed in excel sheets by political organizations. Existing software have no proper system to run election campaign, fundraising campaign or to evaluate effectiveness. Integration with Innovation helps to offer improved functionality that allows workers to better capture and manage member’s information better. The solution also enabled the organization to track the activities of the different constituents, including when donations were made, Notifying political events and activities of every constituency and every member who participated and also the political activist who has underperformed will also be notified with reporting and analysis of every member through graphical interpretation. Thus the system helps to evaluate the performance of every member using artificial intelligence and tracking of different political activities from a touch of a button from a cell phone.Integration with Innovation also offer a mailing and SMS feature improved ability to communicate quickly and effectively with its members, with reduction of man hours so increasing productivity and connectivity with the people.