Customer Relationship Management

" Customize the way you interact with customer "

Inteinno CRM

The INTEINNO CRM app gives the power to you to fully customize the way you want to meet your customers’ needs and to make him can cover every touch point of your customer and at every stage. This surely will help you close the deal and log the calls to entire satisfaction. It is designed to manage possible future sales opportunities, and deliver exceptional customer service. Enhance marketing lifecycle management to help marketing, sales, and service make faster and more effective decisions on your part.

Sales Activity

Sales activity tracking ensures your clients updates so you remain prepared for the road ahead.

Leads Management

Leads it effectively manage your sales pipeline, drive opportunities to a close, and have visibility across your sales team’s performance. Manages leads, opportunities, and activities almost from anywhere. It helps you to put your prospective customer one call away.

This app comprises of the following components, fundamental information management, customer contact management, product information, organization and staff information, full quantitative management involving market, sales and service, this technology helps in providing support for decision making and the OSGi java platform, gives it a sound foundation to the whole infrastructure.

To grow the revenue of your company, you don’t need to go for the out of box solution a simple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application can easily help you to increase the sheer size of your company revenues through increased efficiency and better control. In today’s world of globalization where the competition is getting tougher Managing contacts will not be the only factor to survive. With the INTEINNO CRM, you can track all sales activities — every possible opportunity, lead and insight of your client details give you an edge over the competitors in the industry it helps you to keep connected with the people (clients) who matters the most.

  • Connect with the customers with the right offer at the right time.
  • Create and execute campaigns in much less than half the time than it used to consume.

Get the in-depth analysis into your sales team activities, support and services with an option to customize the reports you wanted.