Textile Operating System

TOS (Textile Operating System) Application Software is the solution of choice for Textile Exporters & Apparel Manufacturer Entrepreneurs looking for a global footprint with dynamic configuration modeling needs and retaining your corporate governance standards.

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Price Waterhouse Coopers

Their recent analysis of Cloud ERP adoption shows that net new license revenues for traditional ERP systems have been declining since 2013 to a level that has already been surpassed by global revenue from cloud-based SaaS solutions.

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“Among the 698 of firms that we studied over the past seven years, firms that implement ERP systems experience 10% greater labor productivity, 13% higher inventory efficiency, 15% higher asset utilization, and 9% greater payment collection efficiency on average than firms that do not”

Sinan Aral, Research Affiliate, MIT Sloan School of Management, Assistant Professor, NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business

Sugercane Management System

The sugar industry is highly regulated and added to it are many uncertainties like rainfall, change in government policies, import/export regulations, changes in global demand and others.

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Put Cash to Work in High-Value Initiatives

You have limited resources, so you want these resources to gives you the maximum earning returns.

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Rice Operating System

The most cost-effective A - Z complete automated solution for the Rice industry. Covering the entire segment with an element of traceablity (hardware software integration) Which gives you the best insight information where you wanted to Focus the most.

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Spend to Save Money and Time

It seems like a paradox: spend to save. But by investing in a unified, integrated business management system, you can institute operational efficiencies that will identify the cash sieves in your organization and help you stop the drain.

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